Softex Omnipass – Single Sign-on for banks

Enterprise Class Password Management – Minimize employee sign-in time by enabling single sign-on to multiple accounts with a single biometric authentication.

With Multi-factor authentication (MFA), you can add a layer of security that protects you against the leading cause of data breach – compromised credentials!

Reduce Frauds | Retain Customers – A key benefit of using OmniPass Enterprise SSO is the centralized recording of all user management and login activity. The audit trail records all user changes and activity, which can be used for monitoring and compliance purposes.


Implementation of these demanding requirements is expensive and requires a significant resource commitment. It is commonly perceived as a necessary evil to satisfy auditors and very rarely seen as an opportunity to improve processes, increase security and generate some real business value.


Single Sign On (SSO) is a more secure and more convenient way to sign into all your company’s websites and in-house applications with one login, regardless of whether these applications are websites are cloud based, in house, or even cross platform.


Implementing OmniPass Enterprise SSO into your environment your compliance efforts are starting to pay off. You have track records in place for user access and accountability which will impress your compliance auditors.

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