Our Cloud Services respond to today’s business and IT challenges. We have the skills to accelerate your company’s transformation to reduce costs and mitigate business risks. We can build a secure, high-availability infrastructure that can respond quickly to both unexpected growth and difficult times.

Regardless of the chosen Cloud Computing (Private / Public / Hybrid) model, we have built an integrated approach with our partners to bring together the best network, server, storage, security and IT management resources in the organization. Thus, you benefit from an automated and scalable IT & C infrastructure that provides organization with access to demand at an elastic pool of resources: services, applications, servers, storage and network, while dramatically reducing IT costs.


Cloud Public, a super secure secured section with virtual segregation of work machines (computers) and storage space.


Flexible Private Cloud that delivers dedicated computing, storage, networking solutions that are perfectly integrated with no significant investment, extremely fast and without technical knowledge.


An open multi-cloud solution that brings together the best elements in the Public Cloud and the Private Cloud.


Dedicated Infrastructure and Application Management services in Public Cloud and Private Cloud.

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