Through Private Cloud, the IT department provides the business with the tools it needs to:

  • starting a new project,
  • expanding or compressing activity,
  • opening a new unit,
  • integration of an acquired company, etc.

Also, depending on real needs and user requirements, IT can dynamically allocate resources within the organization. Becomes the provider of all IT services in the organization, which can be developed, personalized and scaled quickly, depending on business requirements. The Private Cloud model allows the IT department to monitor the use of IT services in the organization and to billing each department according to the services they use.


The ability and speed of the organization to adapt and immediately respond to changes in the market increases, which translates into more competitive and advancing competition.

Safety and stability

Through Private Cloud, you have total and stable control over your own data, applications and resources, and how they are accessed, in a safe and trustworthy manner.

Lower costs

Using fewer servers, switches, power, storage, and maintenance costs drops by up to 80%.

User satisfaction

Through secure access, from anywhere, to all the resources they need and the rapid adaptation of the services to their specific needs.

PSTN Conferences

Microsoft PSTN Conferences allow any colleague or business partner who uses only a phone without Internet access to enter Skype conversations.

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