The Public Cloud is often used as an extension of a local data center, thus generating a Hybrid Cloud. Dendrio offers communications solutions between the two infrastructures so that they can benefit from the advantages of this multi-cloud integration. Both private and public cloud systems are used to perform distinct functions within the same organization. It combines the scalability benefits of the Public Cloud with the speed and accessibility of the Private Cloud, both with a high degree of security and stability to provide the best solution.

Dendrio can help monitor application performance regardless of whether it runs on-prem in Google, AWS or Microsoft Azure so they meet the user’s requirements. Another major benefit brought by Dendrio is the support team for a multi-cloud infrastructure. The technical team has experienced people in both Azure, AWS, Google and private cloud, from design stage to monitoring and optimization. It can centralize the cost of cloud services in one Dendrio bill.


Using Public Cloud’s large resources helps reduce pressure on Private Cloud requirements and offers great scalability by moving a large number of less sensitive features to the public.

Low costs

The Public Cloud component brings significant cost cuts. Therefore, the Hybrid system allows users to benefit from low cost resources.


The Private Cloud component of the hybrid model brings in the multi-cloud system the high level of security required for sensitive data.


The availability of both types of resources: secure (Private Cloud) and easily scalable (Public Cloud) provides companies with sustainable development opportunities.


The up to day solution to the company’s private branch exchange. Leave behind classical communication technologies and bring added efficiency to your company at lower costs.

Cloud PBX Hybrid with Cloud Connector

Dendrio is among the few companies in Romania that can offer Cloud PBX with PSTN connectivity on-premises (using company-client infrastructure) …

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