PA GlobalProtect Cloud Service

Palo Alto Networks delivers upon the vision of next-generation cloud security with GlobalProtect™ cloud service and Aperture™ SaaS security service, enabling you to protect every corner of your organization with the networking and security to cover all your applications, no matter where you or your users do business. GlobalProtect cloud service and Aperture help you address security in three critical areas:

  • Protect applications and data
  • Protect branch offices
  • Protect mobile workforces

Mobile users work in locations around the world without the protection that is normally found in their offices. Implementing Cloud GlobalProtect ™ you will protect mobile users with the same consistent security policy, no matter where they are.


The GlobalProtect ™ cloud service is designed for optimal, secure access to all applications with global coverage through a scalable cloud-based infrastructure. As mobile users move, they continually modify demand in any location around the world. Cloud GlobalProtect ™ service adapts to global demand changes by automatic scaling.


Efficient safety works simply. If users have to change their behavior when accessing applications and data from different locations, or the process is too complex, it all begins to break down. The GlobalProtect cloud service is perfect for users, no matter how they connect, where they connect, or from the application they’re trying to access. Security will change and adapt to their needs without them being aware of the fact that they exist.

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