Microsoft Azure MFA

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication helps safeguard access to data and applications while meeting user demand for a simple sign-on process. It delivers strong authentication via a range of easy verification options – phone call, text message, or mobile app notification and one-time passwords – allowing users to choose the method they prefer.  Azure Multi-Factor Authentication is available as a stand-alone service with per-user and per-authentication billing options, or bundled with Azure Active Directory Premium, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Enterprise Cloud Suite.

It can be used both on-premises and in the cloud to add security for:

  • accessing Microsoft online services,
  • Azure Active Directory-connected SaaS applications,
  • line of business applications,
  • and remote access applications.

Microsoft Azure MFA authentication is available as a stand-alone service, with billing options per-user and per-authentication, or associated with Azure Active Directory Premium, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Enterprise Cloud Suite.

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