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The coronavirus pandemic impacts a significant number of companies in the affected countries and beyond, with the risk of business activity disruption. The first step that most companies can take to limit the virus spread is to limit the number of business trips, as well as face-to-face meetings and interactions between customers, partners and even the company’s employees, as much as possible.

The technology can provide a solution through collaborative work platforms – video / audio conferencing systems, document sharing systems as well as work platforms for virtual teams – allowing companies to ensure business continuity, despite the adverse circumstances.

For entrepreneurial companies that do not currently have such solutions, Dendrio, in partnership with Microsoft and Cisco, will offer free technology solutions that will allow employees to work from home without causing significant disruption to their day-to-day operations. The following solutions will be offered free of charge, for a 6-month trial period:


Microsoft Office 365 E1 Trial Corporate or Enterprise segment, which includes Microsoft Teams, with a limit of 2,500seats.

For the other customer segments a Microsoft Teams trial can be opened.

Dendrio will help you with:

    1. Office 365 setting (guest features)
    2. Platform Preparation for communication throughout the organization (internal and external)
    3. 2 requests for technical assistance (by telephone or web) / 6 months
    4. Virtual training with a Bittnet trainer

Dendrio will help you with:

    1. Microsoft Teams trial service activation
    2. 2 requests for technical assistance (by telephone or web) / 6 months
    3. Virtual training with a Bittnet trainer


Cisco Webex for companies and individuals – includes free HD video meetings for up to 100 participants and unlimited number of meetings, 1GB of cloud storage.

Dendrio will help you with:

    1. Company setup
    2. Users provisioning
    3. “How to use” video materials
    4. Virtual training with a Bittnet trainer (webex mini-demo live)

Any entrepreneurial company in Romania, regardless of turnover or number of employees, can benefit from these services by sending a request at: workfromhome@bittnet.ro or by filling in the enclosed form.

Applications will be handled according to the principle of first-come, first-served, within our resources limits. The set-up services offered by the Bittnet group team will be provided free of charge for a period of one month, starting with March 10, 2020, a period that can be extended depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 situation in Romania.

Our Consultant can help:

Working hours from Monday to Friday between 09:00-18:00.