AutoCAD Revit LT Suite

AutoCAD Revit LT Suite is designed for architects using a 2D workflow that wants to go through the 3D modeling process, all in a BIM environment.

Revit LT is designed as a BIM tool. The designer creates the 3D model, then removes the drawings and extracts of the materials or exports them in DWG format.

The new Revit LT allows you to get high-quality projects and documentation to work more effectively using intuitive 3D modeling tools.

Improved workflows

Benefit from improved workflow with BIM tools. The project information database allows you to generate any table of extracted material, drawing, 2D and 3D views directly from a single 3D model. In addition, project modifications are automatically updated in all views and technical documents. Thus reducing errors, omissions and implicitly working time.

Improved support for CAD imports

The import process is now more tolerant with painstaking details, which, in previous editions, would have generated error messages. Many of these CAD files can now be imported into the model without any problems.

File tab

File tab replaces the application menu and gives you access to the most used commands, such as New File, Open, Save. It also gives you access to advanced project management tools such as Export or Publish.

Do you know what benefits New Autodesk subscriptions bring to you?

  • You have access to the latest versions of Autodesk solutions and free technical support
  • You have access to the latest subscription-based technology – you can opt for 1 year or multi-year subscription, depending on the duration of your projects
  • It represents a low initial investment and gives you flexibility in cost management
  • Easy administration and efficient use of company licenses, depending on project and staff fluctuations – you can increase or reduce the number of licenses according to your needs
  • You have access to previous versions of Autodesk licenses
  • You can install the license on 3 devices of the same user
  • You have access to your projects on any mobile device with the AutoCAD Mobile App application at no additional cost.
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