AutoCAD LT provides you with the latest tools that allow you to make accurate 2D projects and documentation in a shorter time. Expand the workspace with Autodesk Mobile App services to get in touch and collaborate with colleagues virtually anywhere.

It helps you coordinate workflow more easily by integrating desktop and mobile solutions. You have access to the AutoCAD Mobile App mobile application to create, view, edit and share DWG files directly from mobile devices.

Object Selection: allows you to move in pan and zoom with a selection of objects. Items already selected will continue to be part of the current selection set.

The SHX text recognition tool

Intelligently imports text and geometry from a PDF file, they can later be used as AutoCAD objects.

Improved functionality for Text and Mtext objects

The “Combine Text” feature has become more flexible in the latest version, allowing the selection of Text objects together with Mtext objects.

Improve the import of PDF files

You can preview the PDF file before importing and allow for better scaling of the imported objects from the layout.

Managing search paths for XREF files

Files attached as XREF that are no longer in the original directory can be found more easily and re-attached to the current drawing.

Benefits of New Autodesk Subscriptions:

  • You have access to the latest versions of Autodesk solutions and free technical support
  • You have access to the latest subscription technologies – you can opt for one or multi-year subscription, depending on the duration of the projects
  • It represents a low initial investment and gives you flexibility in cost management
  • Easy administration and efficient use of company licenses, depending on project and staff fluctuations – you can increase or reduce the number of licenses according to your needs
  • You have access to previous versions of Autodesk licenses
  • You can install the license on 3 devices of the same user
  • You have access to your projects on any mobile device with the AutoCAD Mobile App application at no additional cost.
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